I haven’t written a blog post in…

… [insert whatever time period means ‘in forever’ – ‘since way back in 2010’, maybe…?]

But in true ‘everything old is new again’ fashion (who knew bell bottoms would once again be A Thing?), I’m dusting off my blogging muscles, scrambling around for something valuable to say, and simultaneously scrapping that whole ‘say something valuable’ impossible standard.

Of course, my trusty WordPress platform has changed dramatically since I was last in an admin panel, soooo I’d better figure out the whole block editor bit & take care of behind-the-scenes Housekeeping first, right?

So consider this the ‘Part One’ of my eventual return to blogging again. (Here’s hoping the Part Two, Three, etc. posts don’t take another year ’cause no one’s got time for THAT nonsense…)


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